Chicken Riggies

Ask anybody who knows anything about Upstate New York and they’ll tell you the struggling city of Utica is best known for great food.Sure, we’ve had our decades of decline but through it all, this surprisingly diverse city of 55,000 people has been able to maintain a quality of ethnic foods that quietly rivals most of its bigger sister cities.  While the city has a broad array of unique cultural flavors, nothing stands out more than its Italian cuisine.“The word (Utica) has become synonymous with delicious authentic Italian cuisine”“There’s something about the name Utica when talking about food,” said Charlie Digristina, owner of Charlie’s Pizza restaurants.  “The word has become synonymous with delicious authentic Italian cuisine and outside the area, it’s a big bonus if you feature a chef from Utica at your restaurant.” Read More: Chicken Riggies Recipe(Original)- The Real Utica Story [Vid] |

My take on chicken riggies it’s very delicious . Personally I have chicken Riggies as my birthday dinner every year. My mom always makes this dish so good. It’s spicy because she puts peppers but if you pick them out it’s not as spicy.This dish in my opinion looks a orangish-reddish color.This dish originated from Utica, New York. My mom is from rome, New York and those two places are about 10 minutes away,so she had this dish several times growing up. She makes the sauce. Then she boils the pasta. Next she cuts up the peppers. Finally she mixes all the ingredients together.


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